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artist statement

every moment is an opportunity for creation.

What is this all about?


julia in her studio with buddha painting

with a playful spirit, i use color, texture, symbols, and light to reveal an intimate visual narrative in the timeless human tradition of mythology and story telling. my goals are to remain curious, spacious, and alert, for the purpose of continuously developing greater depth and sophistication in the articulation of presence in my work. it is my greatest desire that viewers find in my work new freedom to connect in novel and unexpected ways to meet the vast radiant affirmations in themselves.

patterns emerging in my work relate to the quiet solace in the reflective mirroring qualities of the element of water; a stillness found within. i enjoy exploring examples of resonate harmony of organic order in man made architecture and within the primary natural world. the medium i choose in any particular moment corresponds to selecting the most appropriate tool to record and communicate the immediacy of my experiences. through illustrative description of my experiences, i transform a personal exploration journey into a pleasurable creative act.

as an “outsider” artist, i challenge and disprove the need for academic permission and or validation. the existence of my work is an eloquent testament to the resilience, perseverance and resourcefulness of the human spirit. yet, defiance is not what drives my endeavor. the intuitive bliss in creating and exploring a waking fractal dreamscape flowers its own genesis.

–julia 2017

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